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Do you have a passion for cars? At Triple Shine, every day brings a new challenge. Every day brings an opportunity to learn and grow. Every day brings another chance to wow our customers. We work hard but we play hard too. Triple Shine is only as strong as the team behind it. We're also looking for passionate people so if you think you'd fit in, reach out.

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Working at Triple Shine

"As someone who is a car lover, it's really rewarding when I make my clients feel happy about my work. Triple Shine gave me an opportunity to work with my creativity, people skills and gain more knowledge about cars. It's always a fun time going to work alongside with other like-minded colleagues."

Muhammad F.

"I really enjoy working at Triple Shine. I am very passionate about cars. The best part is having colleagues that are so close, we are practically family. I always to deliver my best to all the clients because I too would want the best when I own a car some day. Working at Triple Shine definitely helped me in improving my verbal communication skills"

Ahmed K.

“If you are looking to gain more knowledge on car grooming, Triple Shine is definitely the place to go. You will have mentors to guide you even if you only know basics. Apart from that, it is always a great time working with my colleagues. Work is great when you love what you do!"

Zahn A.

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